A Pseudonymous Peer-2-Peer Review System for Child Protection On-line

Thomas Martin, Chis Durbin, Mark Pawlewski, David Parish


Children are using the internet more and more, and from a younger age. This is despite the commonly known dangers of predators. There is no policing of the internet, nor would it be possible to instigate. Parents are in the difficult position of trying to monitor and control their children’s internet usage, when more often than not the children know the technology better than they do. This can lead to either ineffective measures, or measures that the children will deliberately circumvent for their own privacy. There are also technical issues that are far from trivial. The problem of distinguishing the dialogue of a child from a predator pretending to be a child is extremely difficult. This paper presents a solution which can accurately identify threats, while satisfying the apparently conflicting needs for safety of, and privacy for, the children.

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