Legal Systems in Transformation and Transnational Conflict Solution in Information Society

Arnaldo Sobrinho de Morais Neto, Harrisson Alexandre Targino, Thalysor Mota Vidal Nóbrega


Technological development has revolutionized many human activities, turning the world into a global society, an information society. In this new context, the new information and communication technologies are seen as indispensable support in all areas of human knowledge. Following this new pattern, a new legal dimension has emerged which challenges the State, its essential elements and its geographical boundaries. The public law concepts of sovereignty and jurisdiction along with the criminal law concepts of enforcement and jurisdiction have experienced remarkable changes due to the changing idea of time and space as to when and where a crime is committed. Considering the transnational character due to the globalization of the juridical process, some modifications have been made in the approach to the term sovereignty. Even though its concept and characteristics may involve many interpretations of doctrinal order, without consensus, the result of these interpretations, in many cases, come to delimit the debate which is set in a globalized juridical perspective.

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