The Indonesian Trade Law of 2014: The Provision on the Annulment of International Trade Agreement

Huala Adolf


In March 2014, the Government of the Republic Indonesia promulgated the Law No. 7 of 2014 on Trade. The Law is a new legislation. No law on trade has ever been promulgated before. The Law contains various issues on Trade. One of the controversial provisions embodied in the Law is the provision on the status of international trade agreement in Indonesia.

 The Law as embodied in Article 85, states that the government with the approval of the parliament, may review and annul the international trade agreements which have been signed by Indonesia.

 This provision is controversial because, the international agreement, including the international trade agreement, is the product of the consensus of the states participating in it. With the promulgation of the Law and especially the provision of article 85, can the Law be effectively implemented in the future?

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