Common Development Strategies for Asian and Latin American Developing Countries: from the perspective of foreign trade

Wei Dan


The biggest developing countries in the world in terms size, population
and GDP are located in the continents of Asia and Latin America. In these regions, there are also the
most emerging-market economies with great potential for sustaining high growth rates in the coming
decades (so called the BRICs) like China, India and Brazil. Since the last quarter of the nineteenth
century to the present, the major developing countries in Asia and in Latin America, such as China,
India, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Mexico, etc have gone through various stages of development.
paper makes an analysis of globalization’s influences, the strengths and weaknesses of the system of
WTO, participation of Asian and Latin American developing countries in the negotiations of Doha
Round, development strategies to be adopted by these economies and also some important
implications for building new balance in international agenda of 21st century.

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