Vol 2, No 4 (2007)

Table of Contents


Data Sensitivity: Proposals for Resolving the Conundrum PDF
Karen McCullagh 190-201
Towards Privacy-Preserving Data Mining in Law Enforcement PDF
Stijn Vanderlooy, Joop Verbeek, Jaap van den Herik 202-210
Concept of Private Property in Space – An Analysis PDF
jicltJijo George Cherian, Job Abraham 211-220
Waiver of a Right to Arbitrate by Resort to Litigation, in the Context of International Commercial Arbitration PDF
Peter Gillies, Andrew Dahdal 221-230
The Legal Implications of Reputation Risk Management for Franchisors PDF
Tom Burns 231-240
Bridging the Gap in the Doha Talks: A Look at Services Trade PDF
Rafael Leal-Arcas 241-249
Financial Collateral Arrangements PDF
Gulenay Rusen 250-258

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